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For processing your transport and logistics orders most efficiently, Kuehne+Nagel offers you electronic invoicing, the so-called eInvoicing.


In using eInvoicing, you receive your original invoices either as a PDF file in the forgery-proof PDF/A format directly in your e-mail inbox or via an EDI connection as a data record in your ERP system. Thus, you save time and reduce your administrative work. With electronic invoicing, Kuehne+Nagel extends its efforts to reach a paperless and thereby environmentally friendly data exchange.

Enclosing of additionally required documents such as a bill of lading is still easily possible.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs due to elimination of manual processing of paper invoices
  • Reduced administrative work due to direct integration in your accounting control processes
  • Higher accuracy and data quality due to online available invoices, which are generated directly from the operational systems
  • Environmentally friendly due to minimized paper
  • Transparency and time saving in the accounting control and payment process
  • Connection to EDI interfaces and third party service providers possible (e.g. Tungsten, Basware, Tradeshift)
  • Compliance with all legal requirements through provision of original invoices
  • Data safety due to transmission of invoice in forgery-proof PDF/A format

If you are a Kuehne+Nagel customer and interested in eInvoicing, contact us now. We will be delighted to advise you and provide you with the necessary documents for the conversion.

Changed sender address:

We are working to increase our eInvoicing services together with our service provider Basware. Based on some technical changes we will change the sender address in the next days to no.reply(at)basware.com.

Please make sure that you are still able to receive our invoices into your systems. We expect that only in rare cases adjustments would be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding eInvoicing

  • The email sender will always be no.reply(a)basware.com 
  • The billing invoice in PDF format will always be attached in the email but large files that cannot be sent via email can be downloaded via the “Open Invoice” link which is valid for only 72 hours. If you click this “Open Invoice” link after 72 hours from the time of receipt, it will automatically resend the exact same message to all recipients but without the attachment.  
  • The email body format will be standardized showing only the company name, invoice number, invoice amount and due date and will look like this: 
  • Please make sure that the no.reply@basware.com email address is not blocked by your IT Department.
  • At the beginning, this email address may not be recognized by your server so it might be tagged as spam, therefore, kindly check your junk email folder at the start of implementation and set to “Never Block Sender” for emails coming from no.reply@basware.com.
  • You may get in touch with the Customer Care Specialist who sent you the quotation proposal and acknowledged your booking request. 
  • Or, please confirm your contact details in the sheet HERE to receive e-invoices.