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When your business is unique, your insurance should be, too.

Do you have special cargo that needs extra protection? Is your insurance coverage up to the task?

Kuehne+Nagel works with Nacora International Insurance Brokers to get your goods the right risk coverage from origin to destination. 

Perishable Logistics

You never know when there might be roadblocks in getting your perishable products to market. Flight cancellations, weather events or unforeseen storage requirements can appear at any point in the supply chain.

We offer exclusive insurance plans for fruits and vegetables, flowers, frozen foods, and more.

Hotel Logistics

Whether refurbishing an existing hotel or building a new one, you have to look beyond standard transportation risks.

With insurance plans designed with your project in mind, you’re covered for consolidation of shipments at origin, citing room items and installations work performed by Kuehne+Nagel, commissioning out containers and pick-and-pack boxes as well as all furniture, fixtures and equipment for the use of your hotel or casino.

Drinks Logistics

Transit through various time and climate zones can impact shipments in unexpected ways. Your wine, beer, spirits, and other beverages have insurance needs that are above the usual transport risks. Build a plan that keeps your unique supply chain covered from end-to-end.

Contract Logistics - Storage Risk Insurance

When your supply chain moves internationally, at some point the cargo passes through a storage facility. Finding insurance for these added risks may be unfamiliar territory for you.

Offering full-value coverage around the world, we protect your special cargo against natural perils, accidental damage, and risks arising from forcible entry - for all common commodity

Indemnity and liability are often discussion points when cargo is held in storage. Under certain Contract Logistics agreements, goods must be insured while in the operator’s possession. A Nacora representative is available to facilitate coverage as agreed in the contract.

Oil and Gas Logistics

It’s essential for Oil and Gas project owners to stay on schedule, without accruing financial losses. When your special cargo requires a high degree of knowledge and understanding, you need insurance to match. 

To manage potential risks or setbacks, we offer solutions for standard A to B shipping with the added benefit of a built-in cushion for Delay in Start-up. You’re covered for unloading at the destination, exploration equipment, and project-related or out-of-scope cargo.