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Co-designed with leading Intra-Asia shippers, eShipAsia enables you to save time and money while being in full control of your shipments anytime, anywhere.

eShipAsia - FCL sea freight platform for Intra-Asia shippers

  • Comprehensive online sailing schedule and rate comparisons
  • Instant, competitive FCL quotations
  • Automatic rate renewal based on user preferences
  • Fully integrated with myKN

On eShipAsia, you can find the best sailing schedules and most competitive rates on the Intra-Asia trade in a matter of seconds. Once you have found the service that best fits your needs based on cost, route, and transit time, you can book or save your quotation at the click of a button.

Upon submitting your booking, you will enjoy unrivalled shipment visibility through real-time status updates and easy access to our dedicated, local customer care specialists. Say goodbye to never-ending rate negotiations and uncertainty in your supply chain.

eShipAsia - FCL sea freight platform for Intra-Asia shippers

Why eShipAsia?

1. Be in Control

Find the best sailing options and monitor your shipment in real-time to eliminate surprises. Your local customer care specialist will proactively support you every step of the way.

2. Connecting Asia

eShipAsia connects over 7,500 sailing schedules and 17,000 inland locations supported by 54 trusted carriers, allowing you to optimise every shipment for cost, route, and transit time.

3. Save Time

Automatic rate renewals and smart booking templates eliminate data replication, enabling you to drive your business forward.

4. Get Instant Quotes

Compare market rates and secure instant, competitive quotes.
Full transparency on local charges ensures no hidden charges or fees.


Ready to make your life easier?
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