Our suite of airfreight product offerings have been designed to meet the airfreight challenges our customers face every day. The demands of the market change constantly, and so we strive continuously to expand and improve our airfreight services to ensure that we stay ahead of the market.

Aviation Logistics

KN EngineChain

  • Global engine monitoring and proactive intervention service especially developed and implemented for the aerospace industry. We ensure the on time and safe arrival of the most valuable asset of the aircraft.
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KN SparesChain

  • Dedicated and tailor made aircraft parts management solution offering global end to end visibility, event management in case of shortage and AOG, lead time and service reliability.
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Customs Brokerage

  • We can provide you with all required paperwork services to move your goods across the international borders, smoothly and efficiently.
  • These services include export and import document preparation, managing your clearance process, and much more.
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Marine Logistics

  • Building new vessel, implementing new function, or in need to replacement parts, we can provide timely and efficient service to meet our customer's needs.
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KN FreshChain

  • For Temperature-sensitive products like flowers, plants, fish, and meat, it which needs to be transported with extra care, KN Fresh Chain is your best solution to handle according to customer's specific requirements.
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Pharma Logistics

KN PharmaChain

  • This innovative solution is customer’s choice for transporting critical cargo for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.
  • To ship your cargo with temperature controlled and environmental care, this will be your best solution to ensure your product is safely transported.
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