In today’s world, technological advancement is progressing at unprecedented speed. The transition to renewable energy sources is shaping every industry. Lithium batteries play a significant role in these developments, but they also present their own complex challenges – transport and recycling, for example. With our global network of experts, Kuehne + Nagel is the ideal partner to help you transform these challenges into fruitful business opportunities.

KN BatteryChain, your end-to-end solution designed to meet specific supply chain requirements for the transport of lithium batteries.

Specially trained KN BatteryChain experts work with you to co-create solutions that suit your business needs. Our industry expertise, long-standing global network, and strong market position provide the foundation for scalable solutions that mitigate risk and optimize your lithium battery value chain.

Logistics solutions for the entire battery life-cycle

KN BatteryChain provides solutions for all lithium battery logistics needs throughout the entire battery life cycle. 

Logistics solutions for the entire battery life-cycle


Your lithium battery value chain, in expert hands

  • Maximum Safety
    Certified systems and processes ensure full compliance with dangerous goods regulations. All employees who handle lithium batteries receive lithium awareness and specialist product training.

  • Dangerous goods expertise
    We offer you direct access to over 600 dedicated local experts and specialists in the field of dangerous goods transport Benefit from our years of expertise to mitigate potential risks in the handling of lithium batteries throughout the supply chain.

  • Co-created end-to-end solution
    When it comes to creating individual, tailor-made solutions, we place great emphasis on face-to-face consultation and long-term partnerships. Our in-house specialists are the ideal partners for your experts in the areas of inbound supply, sustainability, planning, dangerous goods and purchasing. This expertise allows us to work together with you to implement best practices that go beyond simple transport services. Together with our partners, we can take your lithium battery business to the next level.

  • Shipping visibility and data transparency
    Our global shipment visibility system KN Login comes as standard with all KN BatteryChain shipments. Door-to-door tracking, full data transparency, and key performance indicators establish a strong foundation for impactful decision making. 

  • Supply chain integrated solutions
    You can also include KN ControlTower in your KN BatteryChain solution. KN ControlTower uses innovative technology to monitor, manage and continuously improve the flow of all your goods, data and payments. This service optimises your logistics operating costs, lead times and inventory levels while simultaneously creating synergies and increasing efficiency.

  • Reduced environmental impact
    At Kuehne + Nagel, we are committed to offering environmentally sound, sustainable, innovative solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to track the CO2 emissions generated by the transport and storage of your lithium batteries. Moreover, we can offer you advice on reducing emissions and provide you with opportunities to offset your carbon footprint across your entire lithium battery supply chain.