KN PharmaChain is our dedicated, end-to-end supply chain solution for pharma & healthcare shipments, either temperature or non-temperature controlled; A highly innovative service offering intelligent design and delivery across our substantial global network.

Key characteristics


  • Dedicated and highly responsive global KN CareTeam working 24/7/365
  • All shipments are monitored based on Cargo 2000 milestones
  • Active wireless monitoring sensors
  • Active packaging monitoring of dry ice, batteries, temperature and charge level


  • Our standards of care include a comprehensive GxP policy that addresses requirements and establishes guidelines for all facilities and staff that store, handle and distribute pharmaceuticals.
  • Full risk assessments of our carriers, as well as your trade lanes


  • All our forwarding specialists worldwide are trained for pharma handling (sea logistics and air logistics)
  • Online Pharma SOPs that outline every operational detail
  • Extensive GxP compliant facility network on 57 global airports with CoolZones facilities
  • Narita and Osaka CFS warehouses are GxP certified



Your advantages

  • Reduced regulatory concern due to superior compliance levels
  • Greater peace of mind through increased logistics reliability
  • Short resolution of day-to-day operational issues
  • Avoid product quality losses due to enhanced temperature visibility and shipment traceability
  • Total cost of product ownership optimized, including logistics expenditure
  • Products arriving at the right time and in the right condition
  • Latest industry knowhow, consultancy and coordination service for import licensing in Japan

Shipment Level

L1 = Shipment without special temperature & handling requirements
L2 = Temperature range specific passive shipment without temperature controlled handling & transportation
L3 = Temperature range specific passive shipment with temperature controlled handling & transportation
L4 = Temperature controlled shipment using active packaging

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