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What is a Supply Chain Control Tower

Understand how a Supply Chain Control Tower can help your business

A Supply Chain Control Tower fully integrates all transport and services modes across the supply chain and gives a company full visibility in real time to monitor performance and cost control. Agreements are made with every party in any given supply chain, who in turn feed data back... Read More

Supply Chain Performance

Beyond visibility: using analytics to anticipate problems & save money

My budget is being cut why should I spend on a supply chain? Supply chain professionals often encounter resistance when they propose major changes to executives in their company. In Integrated Logistics, a control tower is the key enabler utilising people, process...Read More

Need Logistics Savings?

Learn to deploy integrated supply chains, maximise efficiencies & savings

How do I deliver on the savings I promised? The jury is in. There’s simply no question that a supply chain control tower will help businesses save money and increase their margins. The World Economic Forum estimates that on a global level, control towers could generate savings of US$210 billion...Read More

Regain Logistics Control

Learn how control tower can help you regain control over your complex supply chain

Outsourcing one’s supply chain to different manufacturers for a single product is a very common strategy. Often it can help the company save time and costs since the work is split among different parties, and often these manufacturers are willing to do these smaller jobs for a smaller and more competitive price.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Implementing leading edge analytics help your business make informed decision and minimise risk.

A supply chain seems like an obvious place to apply advanced analytics. Almost by their nature, supply chains create data as items move from place to place -  and if that data is used intelligently, a business can make better decisions about allocating resources, boosting speed and reliability and improving customer service... Read More

Which Control Tower is right for your supply chain

An optimised supply chain can save you money. Find out how. 

Congratulations! You have decided to invest in a control tower for your supply chain. Good move. You’ve read all the research that says visibility is key to making your operations smoother and more profitable. You understand how integrated logistics, incorporating a control tower could improve reliability and customer satisfaction. And you’ve made a compelling argument that your business needs one and your superiors are on board. So what now? Read More

How Data Raises Supply Chain Performance

Find out how data gives you insights & optimised your supply chain

Barely a day goes by without a breathless and buzzword-filled article about the disruptive power of new technology and automation. Consulting firm, McKinsey, recently stated in an article that “automation is only part of the story” and that “companies will also need to invest in advanced analytics, machine-learning technologies, and process redesign, while also adapting their organizational structures.” Read more

Japan Logistics Market: Think Globally, Act Locally

Think globally, act locally

In any market, there are advantages to bringing in a fourth party logistics contractor—one that oversees and coordinates your other contractors.

There are a few advantages with having an experienced logistics service provider in Japan, too. Let’s take a look what they are.. Read more