KN LCL - our global solution for part loads boosts the efficiency of your supply chain

The permanent change in customer requirements and the increasing number of logistics networks has significantly altered the shipment structures. This results in shorter product life cycles and fragmented order quantities of customers. As a consequence, retailers try to keep their stocks as low as possible.

Thanks to our independent network we set standards in terms of handling quality, lead-times and provision of tracking information so that any customer who does not have either the time or the quantities to consolidate their cargo up to a full container load can use KN LCL to directly ship their goods as part loads. This enables our customers to reduce inventory levels through smaller order sizes and to source from different suppliers (smaller batches).

What is LCL?

LCL, an abbreviation of Less than Container Load, refers to small ocean freight shipment that is not require the capacity of an ocean container. A freight forwarder may create a "Consolidation" by putting together multiple LCL shipments. Fare is calculated by Weight or Measure. On the other hand, FCL is an abbreviation of Full Container Load, a shipment which require full ocean containers by a shipper.

Key Services

  • Kuehne + Nagel offers gateway services from 8 major global ports,  including 3 in Asia Pacific region
  • 355+ direct services weekly
  • Over 100 gateway services weekly

Key Features

  • KN owned offices with customs brokerage license
  • Direct transport and routing to ensure reliable, fast shipments
  • Quarterly, CFS warehouse quality inspections to ensure highest standards of cargo management
  • Space allocation with each shipping alliance serving the Japanese market

Key Advantages

  • Inventory management programs to increase efficiency.
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Contribute to CO2 reduction targets
  • Palletised delivery reduces unloading times, reduces damage

Buyer’s / Seller’s Consolidation

This service enables goods from multiple vendors to be merged resulting in full containers and improving overall transportation product flows. Buyers can place smaller order quantities more frequently and benefit from cost saving and lower storage charges at destination. With Kuehne + Nagel managing the loading of containers, more efficient utilization is achieved, resulting in lowering overall unit transportation costs. This applies to freight loaded in our container freight stations and for supervised factory loads, where necessary.

During peak seasons, consolidation planning allows space and equipment to be secured in advance¬¬ avoiding delays and bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Automated cargo on-hand reporting can be used to prioritise and optimise container loading based on destination requirements. Container manifests can be transmitted automatically as soon as product is confirmed on board enabling pre-planning of container de-consolidation and receiving.

Did you know?

All KN LCL shipments are automatically carbon neutral as of January 2020, as part of Kuehne + Nagel’s Net Zero Carbon initiative which addresses carbon neutrality in transport and logistics services worldwide. KN LCL Net Zero Carbon is an investment by Kuehne + Nagel in the carbon neutrality of our customer’s LCL supply chains.
We are proud to offer this sustainable solution in collaboration with our suppliers and customers, towards our goal of delivering progress to society. Learn more about our Net Zero Carbon programme.

Offering you more than just part load logistics100 % carbon neutral LCL shipments

  • Supported by independent auditing
  • Promoting positive change for society
  • Invoices include full details of carbon offset
  • Annual report
  • Proudly tell your customers that your LCL supply chain is carbon neutral