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Sending your fresh and frozen products on a safe journey to arrive with an optimal shelf life to your customers and with the maximum freshness to their consumers.

Taste is individual, but freshness is a universal sign of quality. No matter what season it is, consumers expect their favorite products to be constantly available and in best condition -as if they were freshly picked from the field or fished from the sea. And if this wasn’t enough, sometimes your fresh product must travel a long way from their source to our homes.

This is why at Kuehne+Nagel we have developed our perishables solution that ensures that your products arrive with an optimal shelf life to your customers and with the maximum freshness to their consumers. Our experts understand the specific challenges you are facing and the need for utmost reliable handling from source to final destination.

Are you looking for a partner you can rely on to streamline your processes across all transport modes, while increasing integrity and quality in your perishable supply chain? We have experience in dealing with different perishable commodities and with product-specific cold storage requirements, to the smallest details of local and international legislation. Whether you’re shipping fruits, frozen seafood and meat by sea freight or fresh products by air freight, our solutions ensure that your temperature-sensitive products will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Partner with us and benefit from these advantages:

  • Ensure optimum transit times and transportation modes for maximum product protection
  • Secure temperature and humidity control to guarantee product integrity
  • Receive door-to-door real time visibility to monitor and steer you supply chain
  • Access to certified locations including centers of excellence for food and flowers
  • Receive a tailored solution to fit your product needs

At Kuehne+Nagel, we care for your products and deliver on your promises. Speak with our experts today to learn more about our solutions for refrigerated products.


Today's consumers expect fresh products to always be available, right at their fingertips. Kuehne+Nagel helps you to live up to those expectations.